Asset Investigations

MegaGroup has extensive experience in conducting high-value, complex and multi-jurisdictional investigations to identify, trace, freeze and recover concealed or undisclosed financial and physical assets. Our investigations include pre-litigation and post-judgment searches as well as loan defaults, debtor assessments, bankruptcies and insolvencies. Our clients include respected banks and financial institutions, multinational corporations, international law firms, government agencies, as well as prominent individuals.

In providing advice and support at every stage of investigation, our experienced team works closely with clients to implement a program specifically tailored to realize their objectives.

Among the services we provide:

  • Pre-litigation assessment of assets
  • Post–judgement enforcement of judgment
  • Prove opponent’s financial ties to a jurisdiction
  • Financial net worth assessment/Validate credibility of claims
  • Locate proceeds of fraud, corruption or other financial misconduct
  • Expose undisclosed financial ties between parties
  • Uncover financial ties among corporations/organizations
  • Gather admissible evidence for fraud investigations
  • Loan defaults
  • Debtor assessments, bankruptcies and insolvencies
  • Misappropriated funds
  • Property recovery