Computer Forensics

MegaGroup’s Digital Forensics team discerns a wide variety of information through locating and recovering information or traces of same that exist on computers, storage devices (USB thumb drives, external hard drives, etc.), hard drives, databases, E-mail servers, web servers, Internet sites, PDA’s and zip drives.

With expertise and specialized tools necessary to conduct a forensically sound recovery of ESI, MegaGroup is frequently engaged in matters involving:

  • Deleted file recovery and data recovery from deleted or crashed hard drives and memory devices
  • Recovery and analysis of internet, social media and web traffic history
  • Log-on/log-off and connection time analysis
  • Analysis of sent, received, and “deleted” e-mail
  • Recovery and analysis of data from USB keys and Micro Drives
  • Recovery from “hacked” servers
  • Mobile Forensics including hacked/compromised iPhone, Android, Blackberry & smartphones
  • Recovery of deleted text messages
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert witness testimony