Cyber Security

MegaGroup’s holistic approach to cyber security integrates people, practices and technology to predict, prevent and detect cyber threats and attacks. Targeted to meet the demanding challenges of our ever developing virtual world, we provide network monitoring, incidence response, and vulnerability & risk assessments to clients engaged in diverse industries.

MegaGroup’s Cyber Security Team is comprised of former Israeli government, intelligence and military cyber security technologists and strategists utilizing the most advanced tools and technologies around the globe. Members of our Team are skilled and experienced in the complex requirements and formulation of cyber-defense strategies, policies, and standards and maintain significant experience building the architectures and infrastructures essential in securing high-risk networks.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

  • Consulting, planning, managing and control
  • Threat intelligence / counter intelligence
  • Human & virtual intelligence collection
  • Identification of CnC-asset communication
  • Unique approach of decoys and traps to detect the presence of malware and attackers
  • Integration of existing and new controls
  • Strategic risk management platforms
  • Proprietary intelligence solutions
  • Advanced fraud protection solutions
  • Proactive security and application transparency