Digital Investigations

Our Digital Forensic investigative team, possessing a wide array of technical and analytical skills, recovers files and emails that have been deleted, erased, hidden, reformatted or partially over-written. Hard disks are installed at our lab on specially designed workstations that allow our investigators to view and run the data applications exactly as they appear in a native operating environment. Our forensic team reconstructs not only files, but browser and email histories, cookie and zip files, calendars, downloads and other pertinent information, providing a snapshot of how the computer was used. Adhering to the highest standards, electronic data is collected, imaged and secured for use in court or for other proceedings.

  • Deleted file analysis & data recovery
  • Law enforcement liaison services
  • Litigation support
  • Network vulnerability assessment
  • Technical and electronic counter measures
  • Participant interview
  • Human resources & internal investigations