Pre-transactional Due Diligence

With a global network of resources MegaGroup’s pre-transactional due diligence services support Clients undertaking new and/or significant transactions by providing early identification of potential issues or areas of concern prior to a transaction.

MegaGroup uncovers relevant and timely intelligence, with a special emphasis on the backgrounds, reputations, and integrity of entities involved, including claims by vendors and creditors, civil litigation history, criminal records, bankruptcies, business relationships, asset sources, questionable corporate governance and identification of possible issues involving intellectual property infringement, and regulatory sanctions, violations and/or corrupt practices.

MegaGroup effectively and efficiently works with clients to customize a comprehensive due diligence to fit specific transactions, matching the appropriate type of diligence undertaken to the level of risk in the transaction being considered. We deliver timely and actionable intelligence, analysis and advice that our Clients rely on.