Financial Investigations

MegaGroup draws on experience developed over the course of 20 years in conducting financial and fraud-related investigations, including matters involving financial misconduct, theft and embezzlement, Ponzi schemes, money laundering, kickback schemes, insurance fraud, bribery and other corruption-related matters.

We assist clients and their counsel with any and all phases of an investigation, from the initial uncovering of suspect activity through to resolution, be it restitution, litigation, an insurance claim or referral to law enforcement. Our engagements typically include document-intensive evidence gathering, forensic analysis of assets and liabilities, interviews of significant parties, identification of commingled assets, electronic evidence capture and liaison with justice and law enforcement authorities.

For those clients who have suffered financial losses from fraudulent actions perpetrated against them, our team of investigators, fraud examiners and forensic accountants ascertain the extent and source of the loss, trace and recover losses and assets, conduct covert operations and surveillance as well as conduct interviews and interrogations. We work closely with management, counsel and law enforcement entities and provide expert testimony when necessary.